10-11 JUNE 2020


  • Florian Lordick, Germany
  • Alexey Tryakin, Russian Federation


  • Andrés Cervantes, Spain
  • Florian Lordick, Germany
  • Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium
  • Robert Glynne-Jones, United Kingdom
  • Arndt Vogel, Germany
  • Ilya Pokataev, Russian Federation
  • Mikhail Fedyanin, Russian Federation
  • Sara De Dosso, Switzerland
  • Elizabeth Smyth, United Kingdom

Learning Objectives:

  • To provide the oncology community with a summary of the most significant treatment advances presented at the ESMO Congresses
  • To review the current standard of care for key malignancies from a local and international perspective
  • To discuss the current controversies in the management of specific cancers


The programme of this event has been accredited with 4 ESMO-MORA Category 1 points. Recertification is necessary for medical oncologists to remain professionally certified by ESMO. Recertification guarantees that a certified medical oncologist has continued to update her/his knowledge and continues to possess the necessary skills and standards for the practice of medical oncology. For further information please refer to


Wednesday, June 10th 2020

13:00-13:50 – Satellite symposia BMS

Bristol Myers Squibb Satellite Symposium

Nivolumab alone or in combination with Ipilimumab for gastrointestinal tumors’ treatment

13:00-13:25 – Nivolumab alone or in combination with Ipilimumab in Esophageal and Gastric cancers
Alexey Tryakin, RU

13:25-13:40 – Nivolumab alone or in combination with Ipilimumab in Colorectal cancer
Mikhail Fedyanin, RU

14:00-14:50 – Satellite symposia Lilly

Satellite symposia Lilly

Innovative therapy as a standard of second line treatment in metastatic gastric cancer

14:00-14:25 – The second and subsequent lines of therapy in advanced gastric cancer. Is there a universal recipe?
Alexey Tryakin, RU

14:25-14:45 – Experience with ramucirumab in the Irkutsk region
Denis Yukalchuk, RU

14:45-14:50 – Q&A session

15:00-15:10 – Welcome address from ESMO and RUSSCO
Florian Lordick, DE, and Alexey Tryakin, RU

15:10-17:15 – SESSION 1. Gastro-esophageal, hepatic and pancreatic carcinoma

Chair: Arndt Vogel, DE, and Ilya Pokataev, RU

15:10-15:35 – Practice changing studies in advanced gastro-esophageal cancer
Elizabeth Smyth, UK
15:35-15:40 – Q&A

15:40-16:05 – Practice changing studies in localized and borderline resectable pancreatic carcinoma
Sara De Dosso, CH
16:05-16:10 – Q&A

16:10-16:35Practice changing studies in advanced pancreatic carcinoma
Ilya Pokataev, RU
16:35-16:40 – Q&A

16:40-17:05Practice changing studies in hepatocellular and biliary tract carcinoma
Arndt Vogel, DE
17:05-17:15 – Q&A

Hall 1
17:15-18:15 – Satellite symposia Eisai

Hall 2
17:15-18:15 – Satellite symposia AstraZeneca

Satellite Symposium AstraZeneca

A new stage in the treatment
of advanced pancreatic cancer

Sergei Tjulandin, RU

17:15-17:30 – Pancreatic cancer therapy: what opportunities exist today?
Sergei Tjulandin, RU

17:30-17:50 – Pancreatic cancer and BRCA: Do we need to know the status of mutations?
Marat Gordiev, RU

17:50-18:05 – A new stage in the treatment of BRCA-associated pancreatic cancer
Ilya Pokataev, RU

18:05-18:15 – Discussion

Thursday, 11th June 2020

13:00-13:50 – Satellite symposia Roche

Roche Satellite Symposium

Breakthrough in the advanced hepatocellular carcinoma treatment

13:00-13:20 – New options for hepatocellular carcinoma treatment. The king is dead, long live the king!
Valery Breder, RU

13:20-13:30 – IMbrave150 study: Clinical case #1
Irina Dzhanyan, RU

13:30-13:40 – IMbrave150 study: Clinical case #2
Irina Dzhanyan, RU

13:40-13:50 – Q&A session, closing remarks

14:00-14:50 – Satellite symposia Bayer

Satellite Symposium Bayer

A new paradigm of treatment chemorefractory metastatic colorectal cancer: how to achieve a balance of effectiveness and good tolerability of therapy?

Chairperson and Moderator:
Rashida Orlova, RU

14:00-14:05 – Opening speech
Rashida Orlova, RU

14:05-14:25 – Modern approaches to the treatment of pretreated patients with metastatic colorectal cancer
Oleg Gladkov, RU

14:25-14:45 – Prevention and correction of adverse events on regorafenib
Alexey Tryakin, RU

14:45-14:50 – Summing up. Closing remarks by the Chairperson
Rashida Orlova, RU

15:00-17:15 – SESSION 2. Colorectal carcinoma

Chair: Andrés Cervantes, ES, and Mikhail Fedyanin, RU

15:00-15:25Practice changing studies in operable colon carcinoma
Andrés Cervantes, ES
15:25-15:30 – Q&A

15:30-15:55 – Practice changing studies in operable rectal carcinoma
Robert Glynne-Jones, UK
15:55-16:00 – Q&A

16:00-16:25 – Practice changing studies in metastatic colorectal carcinoma
Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium
16:25-16:30 – Q&A

16:30-16:50Practice changing studies in metastatic colorectal carcinoma with resectable and potentially resectable liver limited disease
Mikhail Fedyanin, RU
16:50-17:00 – Q&A

17:00-17:15 – Closing remarks and adjourn

17:15-18:15 – Satellite symposia Servier

Servier Satellite Symposium

New Strategy in Later Line Therapy for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Sergei Tjulandin, RU
Elena Artamonova, RU

17:15-17:40 – Modern Approach to the Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Treatment
Alexey Tryakin, RU

17:40-18:05 – Trifluridine/tipiracil in Later Line Treatment for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: Results of Russian Clinical Trial
Mikhail Fedyanin, RU

18:05-18:15 – Discussion and Meeting Close